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I bought Gold shares (ETF's), where do I enter them?

edited March 2013 in General
ETFs fall under the category of Mutual Funds. You need to create a new mutual fund, select the name of your ETF and assign it to Debt or Equity MF category, as per the scheme of the ETF.

There are many financial products like Stocks, ETFs, Non-Convertible Debentures, you can buy/sell through your stock brokers, but not all are classified as Stocks. Gold ETFs can not be entered under Stocks category in MProfit, otherwise the capital gain taxes calculations, may not be correct, because Gold ETF capital gain calculations are as per Debt MF.

A Mutual Fund/ETF scheme is classified as an equity-oriented scheme if it has holdings in the equity of domestic companies, amounting to 65 per cent or more, on an average, during the year. A scheme that does not fulfil this condition is considered as a debt-oriented scheme. All Gold ETFs fall under Debt MF category.

It does not matter, if you have purchased or sold ETF through stock broker, please enter ETF under Mutual Fund category. If your contract note has stocks transactions as well as ETF, then separate the proportionate amount of ETF from stock transactions and enter them in respective category.

Some of the ETFs listed in MProfit are:

Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme (Gold BeES)
Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund-Dividend Payout Option
UTI GOLD Exchange Traded Fund
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