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Debt MF and indexation

edited April 2013 in General
As per income tax rule, indexation does not apply to Short term capital gains for Debt Mutual Funds then why do Capital Gain reports shows both long term and  short term capital gains with indexation for Debt MFs and FMPs?


  • You are right. Hence, we retain the short term gains same as with or without indexation.

    Since the report template is created first without indexation, we are using the same report template and hence short term capital gains would get displayed in this report.

    You can use the other report format, which is called ‘Transaction-wise and categorized into LT/ST & Speculative’ for Debt MF capital gains with Indexation. Here you will see Short term and long term reports separately. You can customise by clicking the Customisation button and select the option to display only Long Term Capital gains.

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