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How is XIRR is calculated with dividend reinvestments for mutual funds?

edited April 2013 in General

MProfit calculates the annualised return in case of mutual funds with dividend re-investment.

For eg 
Date of Purchase: 
HDFC Liquid Fund - Daily dividend 
Investment Rs 1,00,000 
Units: 10000 
Pur Price 10

Now, if you have received daily dividend for entire year up to 31-Mar-12 and you have been allotted total of 800 units during the year.

So, total units will be 10,800 and if the NAV on 31-Mar-12 is 10.50, so the current value becomes 1,13,400

So the annualised return as on 31-Mar-12 will be 13.4%

You can check our Analytical->Annualised return report. You can confirm the annualised returns values in Excel by using XIRR function.

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